The Family

Gates Design L.L.C

Offers competitive solutions to the world of “interior fit-out”, they specialize within the hospitality, healthcare and education sectors.

For the last 15 years “Gates” has exceeded customer expectations, constantly delivering projects within budget and ahead of schedule. The company is privately owned, enabling a detailed approach to project management, a fast decision making process and a flexible approach to clients changing requirements.

Dogtas Exclusive UAE

As Doğtaş Inc., we provide product and service to 65 countries with our 200 stores and approximately 1200 employees by operating with production, marketing, merchandizing and after sales support services in the furniture sector.

By means of our international viewpoint, we continuously improve our wide product range, prepared in a compliant manner to the market structure of every country in the three continents where we operate. Our most important aim is to beautify all of the regions of houses, from the bedroom to the dining room and from the kid’s room to matresses, thanks to our design and quality superiority.

Thanks to our products which we produce by utilizing our experience of nearly half century, thanks to our unique designs which determine the trend, and thanks to our customer-focused service concept, we succeed in being the aspired trademark in the furniture sector. Our family continues to grow thanks to the support received from our dealer partners, our customers and our employees, and we will be glad to meet you.Milestones of Our Success Story

1972 : Hacı Ali Doğan established Doğan Mobilya and the company entered into the furniture sector.

1987 : Doğtaş Inc. is established in Biga within the scope of institutionalization. While the company was a small atelier hav ing a closed area of 800 m 2 in the first years of the company , the company presented for sale the pr oduced furniture groups in the own stores of the company established in Çanakkale region.

1990 : In 1990’s, technology is transferred from Europe. While the retail network is widened in Turkey, at the same time the first exports are begun.

2000 : The production capacity is increased, technology investment is realized, and besides trademark investment is strengthened by means of the Industrial Design Registration Certificate.

2005 : “Bed, Sofa and Bed Base Factory” is established by making investment of 10,000,000 Dollars, and the closed area of the factory is increased to 70,000 m2.

2007 : The beds are qualified as medical device by taking CE certificate. By means of pluralities of inter national certificates like the GS(Geprüfte Sicherheit) certificate representing high quality and safety in teen rooms, the quality and the designs are registered.

2008 : The trademark and store configuration studies in international platform are accelerated. As a r esult of the dense examinations and evaluations realized, the ‘Turquality Support Program’ is attended, which is the only global trademarking program in the world supported by government.

2010 : The company deserved the right to obtain “TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate,” which is granted f or the first time by Turkish Standards Institute, and became one of the two companies having said certificate.

2011 : By giving priority to trademark and design studies, collections are created together with successful designers in dif ferent fields like Atıl Kutoğlu who is a Worldwide Famous Fashion Designer, Ece Sükan who is a style and fashion consultant and Federico Delrosso who is a famous Italian Architect. In the Survey for the Mostly Admired Companies of Turkey, which is arranged by the Capital Magazine, our trademark is selected as the “Mostly Admired Trademark in Furniture Sector in year 2011”.

2012 : The 40th year of Doğtaş is celebrated, and Doğtaş provided the entrepreneurial spirit again, and Doğtaş incorporated Kelebek Mobilya, which is one of the most important furniture trademarks in Turkey, and is raised to the second rank in the Turkish furniture market thanks to this incorporation. In the Survey for the Mostly Admired Companies of Turkey, which is arranged by the Capital Magazine, our trademark is selected as the “Mostly Admired Trademark in Furniture Sector in year 2012”.

2013 : Doğtaş is granted the award of “Respect to Human in the Furniture Sector” within the scope of 12. Respect to Human A wards of Within the leadership of Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities (TOBB) and AllWorld Network, the company is granted the award of “The Fastest Gr owing Company of Turkey” in the Turkey 100 Project executed with the support of Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV). Doğtaş is granted the award of “The Most Successful Company of England” in the Most Successful Turk Awards, executed by the Business Network Businessmen Association, which is among the most prestigious awards of England.

Kelebek UAE

From 1935 to tomorrow

One of the first furniture and kitchen producers in Turkey, Kelebek Mobilya is also among the oldest and longest established corporations in the Republican era. Kelebek Mobilya was founded in 1935, in the Haliç district of Istanbul, with the objective of producing plywood for the wings of the first domestically produced airplanes of the country. Celebrating this year the 80th anniversary of its foundation, Kelebek Mobilya is an industrial giant now, with its 186.000 m2 which is indoor area, where it produces furniture, kitchen, bathroom groups, living room groups and special wooden equipment with its high quality production standards. The state-of-the-art integrated band systems, as well as massive and coating techniques that are examples of German and Italian technology, are used in the production. Kelebek is the leading furniture producer in Turkey and has a very wide product range, including furniture forms specially designed and developed by the company’s own designers. Providing a comfortable moving facilities in their living spaces with its panel furniture systems, Kelebek Mobilya meets every kind of customer needs with its various collections that are elegant, practical, high quality, and combinable; as well as with endless alternatives it provides, thanks to its rich product diversity. Kelebek Mobilya presents its products to the judgment of its domestic consumers at more than 120 different furniture and kitchen Kelebek stores around the country, apart from being among the prominent brands in international markets with its standard and custom design export products sent to approximately 15 different countries. Along with its prestigious products, Kelebek Mobilya is among the most reliable companies in Turkey also with its special Düzce facilities, 40.000 m2 projects and collective undertaking activities it realizes successfully.

Its history

As one of the oldest industrial corporations of the Republican era, Kelebek Mobilya was founded in 1935 for the production of plywood parts of airplane wings. The company continued plywood production at his Haliç facilities in Istanbul under the trademark of Kelebek until 1986. In 1978, Kelebek Mobilya launched its Modular Furniture Factory in Düzce as one of the best and largest factories in Europe, with the technical collaboration of best projects groups in the world. Offering its shares to public at the stock market (IMKB) in 1990, Kelebek has had the status of a joint-stock company since then. The corporation is getting prepared for its 80th anniversary celebration this year and continues to produce furniture, kitchen and bathroom groups, living room groups, and special wooden equipments, always employing the latest technologies at its 186.000 m2 facilities, the 40.000 m2 area. of which is indoor

The milestones

1935 – Started plywood production at Haliç for wings of the first domestically produced airplanes.

1978 – Started panel furniture production at its Düzce factory.

1979 – The first point of sale for last users opened.

1983 – Reached the figure of 100 points of sale in Turkey. Kelebek Mobilya became the most prevalent furniture brand it the time.

1985 – The first kitchen store opened.

1990 – Company shares were offered to public at the stock market.

1991 – The first foreign store opened in Dortmund, Germany.

2002 – Entitled to have ISO 9001 Certificate.

2012 – Purchased by Doğtaş Mobilya A.Ş.

2013 – Received the IMOB Design Award and the Award of Most Popular Brand in its Sector*

2014 – Received the IMOB Design Award and became The Fastest Growing Brand in its Sector.

2014 – The 120th Store opened in Adıyaman.

* The most popular brand research in Turkey, done by Ipsos and MediCat.

Kelebek as the leading brand in many areas

The lamination system:

Kelebek brought in the lamination system technology in 1983 as an innovative system for the furniture industry.

Mass production:

In 1984, Kelebek started to use massive and plywood line for the first time in Turkey, thereby being the only brand in the country to use internationally employed furniture producing technologies.

The first image-making activity:

In 1983, the company carried out an image- making/advertisement activity, which was the first one in the world for a furniture company.

The first design contest:

Within the context of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the company in 1985, Kelebek Mobilya held the first furniture designing contest in Turkey; granted research awards in the fields of furniture and decoration and provided non-refundable scholarships to students studying in related fields. The Project lasted until 2006.

The first TV Advertisement:

The first color ad-film played between sections of a TV series in Turkey was created for Kelebek Mobilya in 1985.

The First Environment Award in Turkey:

The company received ISO Environment Award for its purification plant in 1985, making Kelebek Mobilya the first furniture company awarded in the subject of environment.

The First TSE Certificated Furniture:

Kelebek Mobilya became the first furniture producing company to have a TSEK (Certificate of Turkish Institute of Standards) and TSE Certificate in 1987-1988.

The First Furniture Company Open to Public:

Quoting its shares to public at the stock market in 1990, Kelebek Mobilya became the first furniture company which is open to public in Turkey.

The First Furniture Company to Celebrate its 80th Anniversary:

Kelebek Mobilya has become the first Turkish furniture corporation to celebrate its 80th anniversary, which is going to place this year.